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The Best Camera Bag EVER

The night before I moved into my freshman dorm room, my parents and I were hanging out in our hotel in Greenville getting ready for bed and the big day ahead. My dad said he had something to give me to celebrate this exciting time and he reached in his bag and pulled out a camera!! 

Up until then I had always used my parents nice camera for all my events in high school. It didn't even cross my mind that I no longer would be able to use theirs. Thankfully, it had crossed my parents mind and they gave it to me as a great move in gift so I could be sure to capture all my new college memories!

Since freshman year I have always been the designated photographer for just about every event. I love playing around with my camera and bring it to just about every big occasion. I loved having it, but hated the ugly black camera bag I would have to constantly tote around with it to hold my camera and my extra lens.  On top of that I also had a purse and it was always just too much to carry. 

For Christmas my parents got me this Lo and Sons camera bag! It fits a full size camera, an extra lens, and has slots for memory cards-- and not to mention is a super cute cross-body that looks like a stylish purse! It comes in a few different colors but I went with the classic brown leather look.

I've gotten so many compliments on it and I can't suggest it enough!  

As you can see on the inside it has a separator that can be moved based on how big or small your camera is and then has enough room to put a lens next to it. It also has plenty of room to throw in chapstick and a small wallet on top if you want to use it as your purse for the day. The memory card holders in the front are life savers because my old case didn't have a designated pocket for them so I had them in a ziplock bag (lol) that I would just throw in. 

The bag is definitely a bit of an investment, but in my opinion it's 100% worth it if you use your camera a lot. The divider in the middle comes out as well so you can also transform it into a cross-body when you don't need your camera. 





  1. I have the same one and love it! I often skip the extra lens and have plenty of room for a wallet, sunglasses and a few small things so that it is the only bag I need! You're lucky--my college photos were plentiful but very low quality! :)
    Catherine www.classiccatherine.com

    1. Yes I do that too! If I know I'm not going to need my other lens I use it for my full size wallet and phone! I'm obsessed. It was definitely a great investment for college!

  2. This bag is so cute, definitely the cutest one I have seen I love it!
    Kelsey | petiteinherpearls.blogspot.com

    1. Yes I agree! You'd think there would be cuter cases out there but I could never find any I liked!

  3. This camera bag is so cute! I usually borrow my dad's DSLR but the bag it came with isn't the cutest haha!