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15 Things You Didn't Know About Me

These are my all time favorite posts to read on other blogs. It's no fun reading blogs if you don't know the girl (or boy!) behind the screen. I love getting to know someone deeper than the few facts on their about pages. 

I tried to genuinely think of facts that you most likely wouldn't know about me even if you've been reading for a while. 

Oh and to be completely honest I have a huge french test today so I didn't have time to write a longer post...

1. I hate/ don't eat chocolate. I've never liked it and honestly probably never will. Sometimes I actually wish I liked it because everything is chocolate. I always used to get embarrassed at birthday parties when I was little and wouldn't eat the chocolate cake. 

2. I make my bed religiously every morning. Even if I'm running a little late I won't leave my apartment until my bed it made! 

3. I have a huge obsession with weddings. Not necessarily my own future wedding, but I just love looking at pictures from other couples and reading their story. 

4. I attended a German school for part of my 7th grade year while we lived in Germany. After about 2 months I got so frustrated that I couldn't accurately complete my homework and understand my teachers that I went back to my American school. 

5. I'm a night showerer. I can't go to bed without showering. I like feeling squeaky clean getting into my bed at night, plus it's such a relaxing way to end the day!

6. I frequently order off the kids meal. Yes, I know I'm 21 years old, but I eat pretty small portions and I always feel bad ordering a regular portion when I know I won't be able to eat it all! #noshame

7. My dad is a retired Marine Corps helicopter/ jet pilot and I grew up on military bases all over the world!

8. There is no better show than Gilmore Girls. My obsession started in 7th grade when I had strep throat and I haven't stopped watching since. 

9. I love shopping for almost all types of clothes with the exception of bathing suits. I hate bathing suits and can never find any that fit my unproportioned body. I usually end up ordering tons and keeping one or two that are just "okay."

10. My cookout order (those of you who have a Cookout near you will appreciate this) is usually a vanilla milkshake and fries. Yes I know how incredibly lame that sounds but nothing beats a classic vanilla milkshake and hot salty fries!!

11. I hate being cold. I get cold so easily that even in 85 degree weather you'll still see me carrying a cardigan around. 

12. I have a dog named Cooper. He is a schnoodle, half schnauzer, half poodle. We've had him since I was in 8th grade and we're all convinced that he is my mom's favorite child. 

13. My favorite flavor of ice cream is definitely cotton candy.

14. I love all TLC reality shows. 

15. I'm not a coffee drinker. Instead, I drink a glass of ice tea every morning. I pride myself on making it through college without any coffee!

Share a fun fact about you in the comments! I love getting to know the people reading better too!





  1. This is such a cute idea!! I may have to do this myself soon :)

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. I love your blog so much! Prom season is quickly approaching and I would love if you did a post on your favorite prom dresses this year.

    1. Yes for sure! I will add that to the calendar so keep checking back!


  3. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't drink coffee! I also love weddings. Even though I got married last summer, I still enjoy reading wedding blogs. Southern Weddings is my current favourite site to peruse.

  4. Love getting to know you a bit more! I make my bed religiously too and my go-to Cookout order is a Cookies & Cream milkshake, so good!


  5. I love Cheerwine floats at Cookout. I also went throughout college without coffee. I love making green tea at 10am as a pick me up during my workday. Jess at Just Jess