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Formal Dresses

Yesterday when I was driving back from class I looked down and the car said it was 86 out! I have no idea where this warm spell came from, but knowing the recent weather pattern it will be snowing next week (we can only hope not). For now, I'm enjoying this heat and breaking out all my spring clothes. I know I'm probably jinxing it by saying this, but I am hoping that since Monday was the first day of Spring the warmth will be here to stay!

One of my favorite sorority events of the year is spring formal. This year it's pretty early and rapidly approaching. We are now just two weeks away from the big event and I've been so busy I've honestly neglected looking for a dress. On top of formal now being just a week and a half away, Emory's formal in Charleston is the weekend immediately following so I really need to get on the ball and find a new dress(es).   

I know a lot of people have formals and proms coming up so I thought I would gather up some formal dresses that caught my eye when I was looking! I'm going to be doing another post about prom dresses next week so be on the lookout for that too!

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