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Well friends, we made it through another week. 

I was worried this week was going to be rough coming back from spring break, but surprisingly it really flew by. I had a big french test on Wednesday that took up a majority of the beginning of my week and then after the test I spent a lot of time catching up on little things and getting organized. There's always something, am I right people?! 

Unfortunately, I don't have any super exciting plans for the weekend other than relaxing (maybe), hanging out with some friends, and working on a rather large group project that needs to get done. 

The reminders of graduation creeping closer are constant. This week we received emails about purchasing our caps and gowns for the big day. While I'm so ready for summer (like who isn't?!) it's definitely bittersweet that it also means the end of my undergraduate career. My plans for next year are still up in the air as I'm waiting on a few more details to fall into place but a decision (y'all I'm so bad at big decisions) will definitely be made in the next few weeks so keep checking in. 

Okay now let's get to the fun stuff....

If this is true, I will die. 

If you need a good cry, this did it. 

Really have my eye on this skirt! How adorable would it be for hot summer days?!

Booking my flight to Paris ASAP. Anyone want to join me?!

I've always loved Jena Lyons and J. Crew obviously, but I loved this quick little video about her.

Did you hear?! Society Social and Lilly have partnered up!

For all you girlies trying to get internships out there: Can you imagine getting asked these questions! I don't know if I could come up with a good answer on the spot! Still fun to read about though...

This Instagram account cracked me up. 

Okay this dress...adorable. 

If I had a million dollars...I would get this couch for my next apt (where ever that may be!)




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  1. Enjoy every minute, college is over in the blink of an eye! I hope your next move comes easily!