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What To Pack In Your Beach Bag

Although I've had to move around a lot due to my dad's job in the military, I've technically spent a majority of my life within a few miles of the beach. Im not great at lying around on the beach for hours (I get too bored!!) but I do enjoy fun beach days with friends and family.

When I lived on Camp Lejeune (a Marine Corps base in Jacksonville, NC) I could literally see the water from my bedroom window. At the time I didn't realize just how lucky we were to live so close to the beach until we moved away and I couldn't take quick trips to the beach at anytime. 

Since I'm on Spring Break right now and I know others are getting ready for their breaks, I thought I would share what I usually throw into my beach bag! If there's one thing that I hate it's being unprepared so I usually make sure I have everything and more before going anywhere. This is what I usually make sure is included in my beach bag! 

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  1. I miss living near a beach! Nice essentials :)