Monday, April 24, 2017

New J. Crew Arrivals!

Is anyone else drooling over the new J. Crew arrivals?! They killed the Spring collection. My "after graduation fund" suddenly plummeted after scrolling through all their new stuff...whoops.

So much pink, so much navy, so many bows, so many stripes! What more could a girl ask for?!?!

 I added a ton items to my cart and had to pair down my picks because there was so much I had my eye one. I ordered a few new items but I'm dying to pop into a store to see all of it in person. As I'm typing I actually got the email that my package from J. Crew arrived (EKKK!!) and I can guarantee I'm going to trek through this heavy rain sometime today to pick it up. Also, if you order today you can get 30% off with code "BIGSALE."

P.S. Lilly's new summer collection was also released today and it's prettyyyy cute (this top!!)!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine




Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Graduation Dresses

The big day is only 17 days away. I cannot believe that I will cross that stage in a little over 2 weeks with my degree in hand! Until then, I still have 3 finals and a few papers to conquer. The senioritis is hitting hard so I know it will be a challenge to stay focused these last few weeks. 

Our graduation gowns are black and there is no specific color you have to wear so most girls wear a casual, but nice dress. I haven't decided if I'm going to wear wedges or flats (I'm scared of tripping on stage!) but being so short (5'1) I'm leaning more towards wedges (I'm thinking these or these!). 

I haven't figured out exactly what dress I'm going to wear yet so I rounded up a few that I have my eye on! Help me decide!

Help me decide what I should wear!




Monday, April 17, 2017

Savannah Bound!


Pop the champagne and cue the confetti, because beginning in the fall I will be attending The Savannah College of Art & Design for graduate school and will be pursuing a masters of art in Fashion and Luxury Managment! I couldn't be more excited for this new phase starting in September!

It's funny how plans change and your future doesn't always turn out how you would expect. Looking back to my freshman and sophomore year I was dead set on graduating and catching a flight straight up to New York City and never looking back. I never even considered graduate school until my junior year when I started to seriously think about after graduation plans. 

I've always thought about getting my masters, but I figured I'd put it off until a few years after graduation and after obtaining some real world experience. But after doing four internships in related fields but different responsibilities I feel confident about what I want to do long term. I'm excited to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry and hopefully pair it with my communications major down the road.

shorts // shirt (similar) // earrings

My first time visiting Savannah last summer I fell in love with the quaint city. I love the south and feel most like myself when the people are friendly and the tea is sweet. Savannah felt like a smaller Charleston (and everyone knows my love for Charleston). 

Everyone is so friendly and I love how walkable the city is. My mom and I went down last week right before Easter to tour some apartments and it made me even more excited! I'm planning on living right downtown within walking distance of where my classes will be. I think I'll be asking for a bike for graduation!

I can't wait to be down there full time and get the chance to explore my new city. My program is only about a year so I want to take advantage of all the time I have there. I'm excited to decorate an apartment and have a place to call my own! I'll be sure to share lots of new apartment posts!

If anyone has any Savannah recommendations bring them on! I don't know much about the city and I'm ready to get to know it!




Friday, April 14, 2017


This is a great Friday because I'm writing this from home! We have a long weekend for Easter so I headed home yesterday to spend Easter with my family. 

It was only a 4 day week and luckily I didn't have too much schoolwork so it was a pretty relaxed week. One of our student organizations put on a big Easter egg hunt in our campus' main quad area and it was a blast!! Although we didn't win anything, it was still fun to feel like a kid again and get excited over something silly. Some people got really into it which was pretty amusing. 

Our Chick-fil-a is being renovated and I wish they would have done this!

I loved this fun little Gilmore Girls article because everyone knows my obsession with Gilmore Girls.

This little story is crazy!

Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies, anyone else?

Shop the Shop Bop sale, today is the last day!!

Love love love this top

Enjoy your Easter weekend!




Tuesday, April 11, 2017

On My Wishlist

I have about 25 tabs (I wish I was exaggerating) open right now with things I have my eye on. So much good spring stuff!!! It doesn't help that Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons either. I need to find a way to control myself. 

We have a short week this week and I'm headed home tomorrow for an extended weekend for Easter! It will be nice to have some time at home to relax, see my family, and if I'm lucky convince my parents to maybe accompany me to the mall. ;) 

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

Looking for options that won't break the bank? 




Monday, April 10, 2017

Pi Kapp Formal 2017

Charleston really is always a good idea.

There has never been a time I've visited this charming southern little city and not fallen more in love. The colorful houses, carriage rides around every corner, and let's not forget the shopping make it an unstoppable trifecta. 

Emory's formal has been there for the past 4 years and I've been so lucky that I've gotten to be his date every year. It was bittersweet knowing this would be our last formal in Charleston, but despite the mixed emotions it was impossible not to enjoy every second there.

We headed out in the early afternoon on Friday to make it down just in time to check into the hotel, change, and make it downtown for dinner. We did a little research this time and picked a restaurant that kept coming on our recommendation lists! We ate at Hominy which was a perfect southern meal with a great atmosphere (highly suggest) and then met up with my brother who is a freshman at College of Charleston for dessert and a walk down King St! It was so nice to be able to spend some time with my brother in our short trip since the next time I'll see him is GRADUATION (WHAT?!). 

Emory and I have always joked about how fun it would be to ride a tandem bike. I love bike rides (especially when you're in a picturesque city like Charleston) and thought it would be funny if I could find a way to rent a tandem bike for us to ride around the city! I did a little research and ended up renting us a tandem (which was surprisingly really affordable!) for 2 hours on Saturday morning. 

It was a blast.

It was the perfect way to explore the little houses down the one-way streets and made it convenient since I wanted to stop at just about every house to take a picture of it.#GodBlessEmory. We rode all the way down King St., past rainbow row, and through Battery Park! We were mad that we hadn't thought to do this in years past, because it was so much fun. Everyone kept pointing to us and saying how they wanted to rent one too!

Probably the highlight of our trip, lol!

After our bike ride adventure, we met up with my brother once again for lunch and then headed out to do some much-anticipated shopping on King St. I could have wandered up and down that little street for hours. 

The new Skinny Dip Store in Charleston!

Eventually, we headed back to the hotel to get ready and change for formal. I wore this dress with these shoes! I just ordered the wedges and I was nervous about the comfort level but I've decided that they're probably one of my most comfortable pair of wedges I own! Plus I love how you can tie them in a bow :) And the best part? They're under $100! I suggest sizing down a whole size as I had to order a smaller size. 

Dress (under $100!) // Shoes  (Here and Here) // Earrings 

We, unfortunately, had to get up and leave early Sunday as I had to be back for our tridelta senior ceremony that afternoon (which was very bittersweet too!). With the semester winding down very fast I'm trying to enjoy every last second I have enjoying friends before we all head off to different states (and even continents!). Big changes are happening and I can only pray I'm ready to take on a new challenge!




Friday, April 7, 2017

FriYAY + Where I'm Headed This Weekend!

It's Friday and I  finally feel like I can take a deep breath and get ready and enjoy the weekend. It's been a crazy week with lot of projects, papers, homework and concluded with a large French test this morning. It was a week of little sleep and lots of time spent in the library studying. But, on the plus side looking ahead I feel like that was one of my last hard weeks before finals! So hopefully from here on out I'll be able to focus on spending some quality time with friends and enjoy my last few weeks on campus.

We're hitting the road this afternoon to go to Emory's formal in Charleston (see my tips for coolers here!). We'll spend the afternoon in Charleston and then all day Saturday. We unfortunately have to head back early on Sunday to get back to campus for a tri delt ritual I have and to ensure we have some time to do homework. Emory's formal weekend is always one of my favorite weekends during the Spring semester so I'm really looking forward to it (see a video from his formal 2 years ago!). Make sure you're following along on insta to see lots of snaps.

Graduation is in exactly a month from yesterday. It's getting all too real as we're getting constant emails about graduation and the senior events that we've all looked forward to all year are finally here! This week I took a small break from the library and we had our senior wine tasting. It was so much fun and nice to sit down with great friends. I made some big decisions this week about next year, so be on the lookout for a big announcement in the next few weeks. I'm super excited about the adventure that waits ahead!

Now for what's on my radar...

These Warby Parker employees are starting a new venture! 

THIS IS SO COOL. Why didn't I think of this idea?!

Ordered this shirt this week!

These look great for summer! 

This cutie lives right near my house in Raleigh!

So much adorable (and affordable seercuker!): This dress, this dress, and this shirt.

Have my eye on this pair of shorts.




Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Formal

When you go to up to 8 sorority and fraternity functions and formals a year they honestly can start to blend together. So many themes, so many venues, and so much dancing. But I had tridelt's formal this past weekend and as excited as I was for it, there was another part of me that didn't want it to come knowing it would be my last tridelt function. Although all the functions and formals can blur together in your memory, this one really stood out. We all had so much fun. 

It was in a great location about 20 minutes down the road from Furman situated in a valley with a beautiful mountain view which made for some great photo opportunities. We got there about 45 minutes before dinner so we would have a chance to take pictures (not to mention we had the best weather ever) and then headed inside to eat dinner.

Between dinner and dancing the room needed to be transformed a bit so there would be enough room to dance so although there was lots of room to hang out everyone crammed into the bar area to watch the last few minutes of the SC vs. Gonzaga basketball game! Although it ended not how I had hoped,  it was still fun to watch it with everyone. We also did senior superlatives during this time which had everyone cracking up. We customized them together for each other and I proudly got "most likely to get married in Lilly on rainbow row." #notcomplaining

We had our favorite band and spent the rest of the night twirling and singing our hearts out. I think I could have kept dancing for another 2 hours we were all having so much fun. 

I wore this pink Tuckernuck dress (under $100!), with these fun earrings, and my favorite wedges! The wedges and earrings quickly came off once the dancing began, but they looked good for the pictures at least.

Although that was my last tridelt formal, I'm excited because I still have Emory's formal this upcoming weekend in Charleston! After that I think I'll slide into a depression not having any more formals to look forward to. I guess one of my friends will just have to get married soon...kidding...kinda!!




Monday, April 3, 2017

Evelyn Henson's New Art!

I remember first discovering Evelyn's art way back when and being totally obsessed with her bright colors and cheerful sayings. When I discovered she was a Furman grad, the obsession grew and not much has changed!

Although I'm a comm major, I've spent many hours in the art department taking numerous graphic design classes and it has become a passion of mine. It's so much fun seeing all the projects going on inside the building and getting a chance to let your creative side go wild. Seeing all the art work hanging in every corner always makes me long for the day I have a steady income to buy art and an apartment or house of my own to display it. One day, one day.

Until then, my dorm room gallery walls hung with command strips will have to do. I've had Evelyn's art hung in every dorm room I've lived in here in college and it adds so much color to the drab white walls. She is celebrating today as she launches her new Spring collection. Every print is absolutely adorable (and not to mention affordable) and would be perfect if you need to add some whim in any room. I get so many compliments on my prints and there's no doubt that I'm going to continue to grow my Evelyn Henson collection.

Take a look at her new Spring Collection!

Not to mention, Evelyn also has mugs, greeting cards, phone cases, and notebooks! I'll take one of every thing please! The mugs and phone cases in my opinion make great gifts. There are so many to choose from and I'm personally a big fan of the map mugs!

You can spot her artwork in my sophomore year room on my desk, on my phone, and in my room this year!





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