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Graduation Dresses

The big day is only 17 days away. I cannot believe that I will cross that stage in a little over 2 weeks with my degree in hand! Until then, I still have 3 finals and a few papers to conquer. The senioritis is hitting hard so I know it will be a challenge to stay focused these last few weeks. 

Our graduation gowns are black and there is no specific color you have to wear so most girls wear a casual, but nice dress. I haven't decided if I'm going to wear wedges or flats (I'm scared of tripping on stage!) but being so short (5'1) I'm leaning more towards wedges (I'm thinking these or these!). 

I haven't figured out exactly what dress I'm going to wear yet so I rounded up a few that I have my eye on! Help me decide!

Help me decide what I should wear!




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