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Spring Formal

When you go to up to 8 sorority and fraternity functions and formals a year they honestly can start to blend together. So many themes, so many venues, and so much dancing. But I had tridelt's formal this past weekend and as excited as I was for it, there was another part of me that didn't want it to come knowing it would be my last tridelt function. Although all the functions and formals can blur together in your memory, this one really stood out. We all had so much fun. 

It was in a great location about 20 minutes down the road from Furman situated in a valley with a beautiful mountain view which made for some great photo opportunities. We got there about 45 minutes before dinner so we would have a chance to take pictures (not to mention we had the best weather ever) and then headed inside to eat dinner.

Between dinner and dancing the room needed to be transformed a bit so there would be enough room to dance so although there was lots of room to hang out everyone crammed into the bar area to watch the last few minutes of the SC vs. Gonzaga basketball game! Although it ended not how I had hoped,  it was still fun to watch it with everyone. We also did senior superlatives during this time which had everyone cracking up. We customized them together for each other and I proudly got "most likely to get married in Lilly on rainbow row." #notcomplaining

We had our favorite band and spent the rest of the night twirling and singing our hearts out. I think I could have kept dancing for another 2 hours we were all having so much fun. 

I wore this pink Tuckernuck dress (under $100!), with these fun earrings, and my favorite wedges! The wedges and earrings quickly came off once the dancing began, but they looked good for the pictures at least.

Although that was my last tridelt formal, I'm excited because I still have Emory's formal this upcoming weekend in Charleston! After that I think I'll slide into a depression not having any more formals to look forward to. I guess one of my friends will just have to get married soon...kidding...kinda!!





  1. You look gorgeous for your final TriDelt formal. I loved going to my sorority formals in college and I'm glad your last one was so much fun. Jess at Just Jess

  2. Love your wedges and your dress is so cute on you, Shannon!