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I feel like this was the first year that the end of school and the beginning of summer felt somewhat bittersweet. I am usually jumping up and down by the end of the semester and ready to run out of my last exam. I'm never excited about leaving campus or my friends necessarily, but come May I typically feel mentally and physically exhausted and so ready for break.  

This year was slightly different though. It was the first May that I felt mixed emotions about summer quickly approaching. While I was definitely ready for a mental break, french class took every last bit of energy out of me, I wasn't ready to leave a school and so many friends I loved so dearly. And what made it even harder was knowing that we wouldn't all be coming back in the Fall. Instead everyone is spreading out all over the globe for various jobs, internships, fellowships, and graduate schools to start their adventure in the real world. 

I can't wait to watch my class make such an impact in fields they're so passionate about but selfishly I hate that we're moving so far away!!! 

.....anyways, let me move on from my rant.

My first week of summer (omg how has it already been almost a week?!?!) was filled with a whole lot of organizing and going through all my stuff. I went through all my clothes and got rid of a ton of things I never wear any more and made some lists of things I need to get before I move into my apartment in Savannah in the fall!! 

But on a super exciting note, make sure you stop back on Monday because things might look a little different around here ;) I figured Prep Ave needed a new look to match my new phase in life!! WARNING:: IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME. 

This 16th birthday party will go down in history.

Dying for this sweater set (sweater & shell)

This post made me miss my summer in Paris so badly. 

Did you hear the news about Kate Spade?!

#tbf (throwback Friday) to this video...did you all watch these videos years ago? They still make me giggle...

Look at this one room challenge. This bathroom is perfection. 

Tabs I just can't close this week: this dress, this top (only $24!), and this dress

Emory put together a video from our Spring Break this year! So fun to watch. 




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