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Graduation Recap!

You only graduate college once...well for most at least. So you spend your whole college career looking forward to that one day where you can celebrate all the hard work and long nights you had to get through to get to this point. Graduation day is the capstone of your college career. There is so much built up anticipation and I know I was not alone in hoping that the day would go off without a hitch...I was wrong of course.

One of the first sites you see when you drive onto our campus is what we call the Furman Mall. Not like the mall you visit when you need some retail therapy, this mall is a beautiful oak tree lined street that acts as almost the center of our campus. Traditionally, Furman graduates process all the way down the mall and under the oaks that we have spent the last 4 homecomings dancing under to our football field where the ceremony takes place. 

In the days leading up to the big day I checked the weather obsessively. The 10 day forecast originally predicted showers but as the day crept closer the weather changed in our favor to partly cloudy! We thought we were in the clear until the forecast changed for the worst about 3 days prior to the big day. Suddenly it was suppose to rain only during the hours of 4 and 7. And of course our graduation takes place at 7:30...not ideal!

And on top of the possible rain, a cold front was also coming through only on Friday and Saturday! My 4 year long dream of strolling down the mall in my cap and gown surrounded by my class was slowly slipping away. And the more realistic vision of having our graduation ceremony inside our basketball stadium was becoming more of a possibility.

I refused to believe the forecast and still had hope that the rain would magically fade away and everything would turn out. Unfortunately, it became impossible to ignore the inevitable and our class Facebook page started blowing up with people attempting to buy others rain tickets (we're limited to 5 tickets if our ceremony is inside). 

Okay I'll stop rambling and fast forward to the day of....

May 6th, 2017 finally came and the sun was shining!!!! We had our baccalaureate ceremony in the morning and then a beautiful tented lunch outside with many other classmates and families. It was later in the afternoon when we got the emergency message we had all been dreading. Graduation had been moved inside and instead of reporting to the mall, we now were to report to Timmons Arena. 

My heart was crushed. Suddenly me and 2 of my roommates were all in tears over a stupid text message (it's a little funny to look back on now). Were we being slightly dramatic...probably. But when you build up one day in your mind for so long it's hard not to set your expectations high.

My pretty pledge class!!

But although I didn't get to process down the mall into the Paladin stadium I ended up with something even better...my diploma! I walked across the stage with all my family and friends screaming for me! And most people claim that if it rains on your important day that it's good luck! So I have decided to convert my mindset that Furman sent my class off with a little extra luck in the real world.

Never the less, other than the rain hiccup we had a perfect sunny morning celebrating. And even though I was crushed that my class didn't get to partake in a small tradition, I think back and realize how miniscule my actual graduation day will be in the scope of my undergraduate years. The memories of my friends and the moments created on campus are so much more important and what I'll really remember.

It's a day that I wish I could relive. It all went by so fast and I realize now it was the last time I'll probably be with so many of my favorite people all at once. Now my cap and gown sits hanging in my closet, still a little wrinkly from the result of running into the arena in my wedges as the rain poured down. And although I only wore it for a few hours, it represented 4 amazing years.
Cheers to the class of 2017, and remember a little rain never hurt no body!

More grad pics coming very soon!




  1. Congratulations! I love the pictures of you with your pledge class. I treasure my grad pics with my sisters. Jess at Just Jess

  2. Congratulations!! The pictures look amazing! Its always hard when something you want turns out a different way, but I'm sure it was still wonderful!

  3. Congrats Shannon! All of these pictures are too cute!


  4. Glad to find this graduation party here. My niece will be completing her graduation soon. And going to arrange a party for her at one of venues in San Francisco. Looking for few ideas for the day. Quite excited to make it best for her.