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Lilly Pulitzer Swell Bottle Giveaway!!

When Lilly decides to do something, they go all out. 

When they have their annual sales, the website commonly crashes. When they partner with Target to release a collection, the Lilly fans line up outside for hours waiting for a store to open. When they partner with Swell to design water bottles, they sell out in minutes. 

I wasn't at any Starbuck stores when they were released, but I can only imagine what it was like when the barista's put them out on the shelves that day. I picture proper southern girls dressed head to toe in Lilly trying to gracefully fight it out with another Lilly lover over who got to the water bottle first. 

Once again Lilly craziness ensued. 

The good new here is that I am hosting a giveaway for one of the adorable sold out water bottles!!! People are still going ape over them and they're even going for over $70 on Ebay! The patterns are all adorable, but especially this peachy print. Plus they really do keep the water cool for so long!

The giveaway is pretty simple and all the instructions are outlined in the caption. 

Moving on to my outfit, how cute are these shorts?! When I saw J. Crew's new arrivals I knew I had to scoop these up right away. I couldn't decide when I first tried them on if they were practical or if I would wear them enough but honestly, they were just too cute to send back. That bow?! Too perfect. 

J. Crew has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years and has had their ups and downs, but I think they really killed it this season. I feel like they found their way back their preppy, classic, timeless style and I LOVE IT! My budget however...doesn't. 

Shorts // Shirt (similar) // Watch // Bracelet // Shoes

Please enter the giveaway through Instagram! It ends this Friday (5/26) at 10pm. Quick, go enter!!!




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  1. This outfit is so cute on you, Shannon, and I totally agree with you about the bottles and J. Crew lately. It was so funny as I went to 2 different Starbucks and had conversations with the baristas about how crazy the collaboration was and how everything was selling out!