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Little Navy Dress

While stores like J. Crew and Lilly P are no doubt some of my favorites, what I really love is when I can buy pieces from smaller brands from local boutiques. Not only do I like supporting smaller brands but it's fun to know that not everyone will have the same dress as you. I have a handful of smaller brands that I continually go back to (I think I'm going to do a post about all of my favorites soon!) and always imagine that if I were to ever open a boutique these would bring the brands I would sell. Maybe one day.

I discovered Madison Matthews a few seasons ago and now have 3 of their dresses. They don't break the bank and are a little different than what everything else owns. They're carried in Charlotte's in Raleigh and a few other smaller boutiques in the area. However, you can buy this dress straight from their website right now!

This dress is beyond perfect for summer and not to mention my upcoming beach trip on Friday! Not only is it blue and white (my favorite color combo) but it's also under $100! 



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