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New Chapter, New Design!

Notice some changes around here? 

The day has finally come! My blog redesign is finally live!

I had been wanting to change some things up with my site for a while now. I had it redesigned my freshman year of college and there was no question that my site was definitely out of date. Between a full-time class load, tons of extracurriculars, and trying to enjoy every minute of my senior year made it hard to focus on my blog.

Throughout my four years, I'll be honest and say my blog often took the back burner. When I had busy weeks blog posts were the first thing to be dropped. I was so focused on school and more worried about a grade I would get on a paper rather than having a new blog post published. While I wouldn't change anything (my handwork definitely paid off as I graduated Magna Cum Laude Honors!!) I wish I had found a way to balance it all earlier. 

Second semester senior year I actually worked with my digital communications professor who I had for a previous class to help me clean up my site and give me advice. She is super knowledgeable on all things blogs and digital media related and it was so nice to have someone to go to for advice. We started in January meeting once a week and she helped me shift through my google analytics and figure out what elements need to be saved and what needed to be changed to make it more reader friendly!! 

After looking at analytics and doing a fair amount of brainstorming I reached out to a designer who I hoped could make all my dreams come true. Although I'm terrible with change, and my past design was hard to get rid of, I recognized I needed to update and upgrade if I wanted to stay with the times. 

There was no doubt it was time to simplify my site altogether. I was graduating from college and heading into the real world and I figured there was no better time. A new site design for a new phase in my life only seemed so fitting. I wanted a site that I could show future employers (my graduate program is only a year!) that illustrated my love of the digital media world and something that would make me proud to say I'm the founder of. 

There's not many things that have stayed the same in the site design. It was important to me that the site was overall cleaner and easier to navigate. I wanted to add categories so it was easier to find some of my old content that I felt like just got lost in the archives. I stuck with my fav color scheme of navy and pink and then made decisions off of that!

Content, of course, won't change :) 

With summer here I'm excited because I'll get to post more often and spend more time on my blog so if you have any ideas of posts you want to see don't hesitate to email me, direct message me on Instagram, or comment below if there's anything you want to see! 

I'm super excited for this new change and hope you like it as much as I do. There's still a few loose ends I still need to tie up but I'm so glad everything is officially switched over. 

I hope you all like it!!

Outfit details: Dress, Skirt, Wicker Purse & Sweater are super old Kate Spade! Shoes :: Jack Rogers




  1. I love the new design - it looks great!

    xo, brooke

  2. The new design looks awesome girl!! I'd love some outfit details... that skirt is darling! Congrats on the big change!!

    1. Hi! The skirt, sweater, and dress are all actually super old Kate Spade! Thank you!! :)

  3. Love the new blog design, Shannon! It's so cute!