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Things I Can't Live Without

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 Besides things like oxygen and wifi these are the products that I use on a daily basis and would fully recommend to any of them to my friends. The title is a bit deceiving because in reality I could most likely live without all of these items in real life (except for maybe the Aquaphor Chapstick) but I can guarantee you that these do make my life slightly better.

 I am an avid over packer. I like to think it's because I like to be fully prepared for every situation that may come my way, so these are the things that I would probably pack in my suitcase first. I am headed to the beach on Friday to meet Emory for about a week in Hilton Head and I can promise you all of these (well except may the blanket because it's going to be a million degrees) will be in my suitcase.

1. Kate Spade Watch - If you have ever realized, I wear my Kate Spade gold watch practically ever day. I promise I take it off when I shower. I honestly feel naked without it. And while I have highly considered investing in an Apple watch (I think they're the coolest thing ever) I can't imagine not wearing my gold watch every day! My parents gave it to me the first day of my senior year of high school and I haven't taken it off since. 

2. Small Crossbody- I love Kate Spade's small size crossbody purses. They are the perfect size when you don't need anything but a debt/credit card, your phone, and lip gloss. When we were going out at school I would always bring one of my small crossbodys because they're easy to dance with and you don't have to worry about holding a clutch all night or lugging around a purse.

3. Kiehl's Moisturizer- Okay I can't say enough good things about Kiehl's products. I was on my 3 week long MayX class 2 years ago in Italy and I've never had a problem with dry skin on my face but suddenly I was getting little dry spots all over my face. I think it may have been because I was eating so different and the water was also different. We were in Florence I popped into the Kielh's store out of desperation and they suggested I try their original moisturizer. To this day I continue to use it every day in the morning and at night! And the best part? It's SPF 15 which is important for a ultra pale girl like me. 

4. JimmyCase Phone Case- I tried this phone originally because the company reached out to me wanting me to promote the product. I keep my debit card, student id, license, and credit card in there and the pocket is so tight I'm never worried about anything falling out. It makes it sooooo easy when I go anywhere because I never have to worry about grabbing a full purse and can just bring my phone. 

5. Aquaphor Chapstick- I must have at least 20 sticks. I keep them just about everywhere. My car, backpack, bedside table, bathroom, and just about every purse. I put some on every night before I go to bed and I swear this stuff is magic.

6. Soludos Wedges- I bought these for a formal this past Spring and haven't stopped wearing them. I ended up wearing them for graduation and I think they're officially my go to summer wedge. I'm very particular about the fit and style of wedges and these check all my boxes. Plus they're sooo comfy. 

7. J. Crew x New Balance Leggings- I ordered a pair of J. Crew's new leggings when they first came out and I am hooked. While I own a pair of Lululemon crops that I like a lot there's something about these that I like so much better. I like how thick they are and not to mention the adorable patterns they come in. Keep killin' it J. Crew.

8. Kardashian Straightener- I know you are probably speechless when you saw the name. I blew my straightener out when I studying abroad so when I came back I knew I needed a new one. I went to Target and randomly picked this one out. I curl my hair frequently with a straightener so I knew I wanted one in a matte finish so my hair could slide through it easily and I ended up loving this one. Seriously swear by it.

9. Instax Photo Printer- I've had this for a few years and have just pulled it back out again and started using it. You are able to print mini poloroid pictures straight from your phone. It's fun to include in thank you notes or birthday cards. Or simply for decoration!

10. Furbish Throw- I am always cold. It could be 80 degrees out and I would be wrapped up in a blanket. This throw is one of my favorites and I kept it in my room at school year round. I would even frequently bring it with me to the library...

11. Tuckernuck Sunhat- Does anyone else's scalp frequently burn? I need to more be more conscious about wearing hats when I'm going to be out in the sun and this one is probably my favorite. I'm always vigilant about putting sunscreen on my body but without fail at the end of the day my scalp always ends up red.  

12. Hart Tassel Earrings - Tassel earrings are so in right now. But I hate how heavy so many of them are! I feel like they're going to pull my ears right off! But I found this Charleston based designer who makes them and they're uber light!

What are the things you can't live without?




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  1. Haha I love how you started the post with "Besides things like oxygen and wifi these are the products that I use on a daily basis...". I found it really funny! If I were to make a post about things I couldn't live without, I would definitely include Aquaphor Chapstick. Those things are amazing! Chapped lips are healed overnight! They really should be getting a lot more attention and praise.

    Cat // https://fromgirlc.wordpress.com