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FriYAY! + Where I'm Headed To!

As you read this I am driving down to my favorite place on earth (Hilton Head Island) to meet up with one of my favorite people ever (Emory!!). Since Emory lives in South Flordia it can be hard when we're both at home to see each other. It's about a 12 hour drive between our houses (South Flordia to Raleigh) so we make the most of the time we get to see each other over the summer.

We decided to meet half way in Hilton Head at my grandparent's beach house for a little vacay. Emory and I have gotten pretty used to long distance between my summer in Paris, my semester abroad in Italy, and last summer when I was in NYC. While we're used to being apart it's far from fun. However, it does make the time we do get to see each other that much more exciting!

But be sure to be following along on Instagram stories as I'm sure I'm going to be documenting all of our adventures together. I already have a long list of things I want to do while we're on the island! 

A little sneak peek of grad pictures that will be on the blog soon!

Now for what's on my radar for the week...

As a Marine Corps military brat this story really got me.

Loft just released their adorable new Lemon print! Right now it's exclusively in stores but here's a peek at it

Okay why didn't my high school prep rallies look like this?!

Really eyeing this dress this week. 

PLEASE tell me you've seen this video. LIKE WOAH.

Anyone else a HGTV fan? This was kinda interesting to read and now I'm asking myself how I get my own tv show. 

Dying over Target's new collection of pool floats. Can I have one of each please?





  1. First of, your blog is adorable! One of my best friends at school is from Hilton Head Island and we are planning on visiting him! He's super clueless about the best shopping places there so I'd love to hear your opinion! :)

    Ane || Basque Prep

    1. Hi Ane! I'm not super familiar with the whole island but I do know a fair amount about the stores in Sea Pines (one of the communities on the island!). Down in Harbour Town there are two stores that I always stop into! S.M. Bradford has lots of Lilly and Currents typically carries some Vineyard Vines. If you end up going to the mall on the island the Belk typically has a HUGE section Lilly as well. Right before you drive on the island there are 2 areas of outlets as well. They have J. Crew Factory and Kate Spade so those are always fun to look in too. Hope that helps a little! xoxo