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I love writing these FriYAY posts. I always feel like they're little check ins and I can just ramble about my life. Unfortunately, my life wasn't that exciting this week and I have nothing super interesting to report on. My BFF Danee spent a few days hanging out with me on her way to the beach early in the week and it was great to see her again. Come back Dan, miss you already!!

One thing I have been working on this week is my apartment! Although I won't move down until late August/ early September I'm starting to look for pieces for my living room and kitchen. We get the keys in July and will probably make a few trips down soon so we can slowly start moving some of the bigger stuff. 

For Father's Day this weekend we are possibly going to do fun family scavenger hunt around downtown Raleigh! It's either going to go swimingly or everyone is going to end up fighting...I'll letcha know. Isn't this picture of my dad and I too cute?! I used to have red hair like my dad when I was little and it's still crazy to look back and compare it to how blonde I am now!!

And now that's on my radar this week...

Anyone else a huge Beauty and the Beast fan? Here are all classics that Disney has announced they're remaking!

These are my favorite pair of slippers and I love this new color they come in!

Okay kinda obsessed with this romper...

Did you hear that Lilly brought back this print?!

The J. Crew new arrivals....swoon. Especially this dress!


And in honor of Father's Day Sunday....aren't dad's the best?!

This dad planned the sweetest 18th Birthday for his daughter. Southwest Rocks!

This dad interviewed his daughter on her first day of school every year. 

Need a last minute gift? Get your Dad a fun experience!

What's on your radar this week??





  1. All those cute dad posts, omg adorable!

    Ashley // MyWellDressedLife.com

  2. It is SO nice being able to make small moving trips instead of one exhausting huge one!