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Another week of summer gone and I'm not okay with it going by so fast. Can we rewind to the beginning of June please?!

This week we did a lot of work preparing for my big move in late August early September. I signed a lease for an apt (!!!!!!!!) and we actually are going down to visit and finish up some paper at the beginning of this week (and staying in Hilton Head YIPPEE). I'm so excited to see the apt in person so I can start envisioning where I want to put everything. I also received my class schedule! It made me nervous, but excited thinking about all cool projects I'll get to work on and all the awesome professor I'll get to learn from. 

In case you haven't been a long time follower, I'll be heading to Savannah in September to start my Masters in Fashion and Luxury Management. I've gotten a few emails asking about my program so I thought I'd link the overview of my program here! Sounds cool right?! I think it will be the perfect way to propel me into the Fashion and Communications industry hopefully next year and begin the career I've been dreaming of!

I've really been interested in podcasts lately. I found these two lists ( 1 | 2 ) that seem to have some really promising ones that I have added to my list!

So excited Scotty released a new song! And the music video is the cutest. 

I cringed watching this Ellen Show episode!!!!!!!

Debating ordering this suitcase. I think it would be a good investment. 

I haven't been able to fall asleep at night so I've been watching this show on Amazon! Too cute!

Ordered this dress this week (adorable) as well as this shirt which I found out runs uber small (I'm going to size up one or two sizes). 

What's new on Netflix. Brb going to watch Moana.

If this happens I will be the first in line to get tickets. 





  1. Shannon, I always love your FriYAY posts! I just got back into listening to podcasts and I'm obsessed with The Balanced Blonde's Soul on Fire podcast. You would love it!
    xo, Lauren

    1. Hi Lauren! Ahh that sounds so great! I'll definitely give that one a try :) Thanks for the recommendation! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness, I just watched Moana on Netflix and love, love, loved it! It was so catchy and good-just a great movie!

    xoxo, SS