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Happy Friday everyone!

I finally got to see my apartment this week and move some things in. We made a very quick down on Sunday with a very full car and unloaded all of my kitchen, bathroom, and bedding.  It made me excited move in my furniture in at the end of summer and start decorating!! 

There are some super fun things on my radar so make sure you scroll down to read!
via Instagram (This top is currently 50% off with code: Sparkler)

Did you hear the news?!?! Society Social is getting a HGTV show and I am dying. Make sure to follow along on their Instagram account because they have been sharing some sneak peeks. 

If you haven't figured it out yet I'm totally a country music fan. Have you heard Hunter Hayes' new song?

Trying to restrain myself from buying this dress

I did it. I listened to my first full podcast this week! My mom and I listened to S-Town on our way to Savannah and really liked it!

Okay found this new blog and want to make every recipe they have ever posted. 

The sweetest friendship + Chick-fil-A= my heart exploding

I have my eye on these scalloped side tables!

This board game is supposed to be really fun for groups of people. 




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