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Hilton Head Trip

Hilton Head Island is a popular beach resort destination for many families but it holds a very special place in my heart. My grandparents starting vacationing on the island way before all the tourist destination spots and before it had been all developed. They fell in love with the spanish moss and the southern hospitality (coming from Michigan). My grandparents continued to vacation there throughout my mom's childhood and eventually bought a small place in Sea Pines Resort on the island. The tradition continued as my brothers and I were born. Although we moved around constantly one of the things that stayed consistent was our vacations to HHI. 

Fast forward to present day and my grandparents now split their time between Michigan and Hilton Head. I'm so grateful to have a permanent place on the island we can visit year round. 

With Emory all the way in South Flordia, and me 12 hours north in Raleigh, Hilton Head was a perfect place to meet in the middle. While his drive was a bit longer than mine, it was so ideal to have a week together with no stress from looming school deadlines or stressful internships. 

We spent a whole lot of time just hanging out and spending quality time together. We rode bikes practically everywhere and got to explore even some parts of the island that even I had never seen. We cooked dinner a few nights together (mostly Emory cooking!) and the other nights decided to trade our workout clothes for real clothes and get a real dinner. I even prescheduled my blog posts to ensure I wouldn't have to worry about finishing them up either!!

And of course we spent some time at the beach...and by some miracle, I did not come home with a bad sunburn! I brought my favorite Emily McCarthy tote bag and this J. Crew coverup

One of my absolute favorite things we did was a sunset sailboat ride. We had two rainy days leading up to our ride so we were a little nervous how the weather was going to play out. Luckily we got really lucky and it couldn't have been more perfect!

So many cool parts of our ride. We both got a chance to drive the boat, help lift the sails, and we saw dolphins swim along side our boat!! But I have to say the coolest part (you may have already seen this if you saw my insta story from that night) was that one of the couples on boat with us got engaged!!! I almost starting crying when I figured out what was happening. 

We also took two fun little days trips to Palmetto Bluff for lunch and to Savannah so I could show Emory my future home! I had never been to Palmetto Bluff (that's where the picture above was taken) and it's safe to say I am now obsessed. Emory swears it was like a Disney movie set for a movie set in a quaint southern city. It was all so perfect. Every building was beautiful, it was right along the water, and not to mention our lunch was delicious. 

My favorite little harbor :)

When we biked past this flower field I knew we had to come back when we weren't in athletic shorts and tennis shoes. We swung by to take a few pictures on our way to dinner one night and it was spectacular. The sun was setting so the lighting was perfectly golden and the flowers were endless! Now I'm determined to learn how to grow flowers like that without them dying on me.

All in all it was a fabulous trip together. Neither of us were ready to part ways and say goodbye but luckily it will only be a few weeks until we are reunited back here in North Carolina! I'm sure I'll be making a few more trips down to Hilton Head this summer as we start to move things into my Savannah apartment in July.

If anyone is making the trip to HHI anytime soon be sure to email me and I'll email you all my favorites!





  1. What a fun trip! I went to HHI once when I was younger (like first grade haha) but all of your pictures make me want to visit again!


  2. It sounds like an awesome trip! I'm a Michigander just like your grandparents :)

  3. This looks like such a great trip-that last shot of you in the flower field is stunning!

    xoxo, SS