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Over The Summer To-Do List

I haven't really talked much about my summer plans. For the past 4 summers I have had full time summer internships ranging from 2 in New York City and 1 in Paris. After being away from my family all school year and then all summer I decided that this was the year I needed to take a step back and spend a summer at home. Not only is it more finically advantageous (living in cities like NYC and Paris for a summer is expensive!!) I also have already been accepted into grad school so it wasn't essential that I had an internship this summer. 

My family has various trips planned this summer and I have a huge summer to-do list of things that I have continually been putting off because I never had any time during the school year to get them done. While I always have a blast during my summer internships I'm really looking forward to ample amounts of time to hang out with my fam, plan for my apartment in Savannah, and get some of those things crossed off my to-do list finally!! 

 This is also most likely my last free summer (inserts tears). I will most likely continue my graduate classes through next summer so I can finish next August and then finger crossed head into the working world (HOLY COW). I'm trying to take advantage of all this free time knowing that this realistically will be the last time for a while I have nothing planned for such a long stretch of time. 
I have a list on my computer in my notes (categorized of course) of everything I want to get done this summer. It contains everything from going through my photos on my computer to Pinterest recipes I want to try. However there are a few things that show up year after year on my summer to do list. Whether you're bored and want to do something productive or just want to feel more prepared for the fall all of these things are great ideas that wouldn't hurt if anyone did!

Doesn't it make you feel so much better when you go back to school and feel like you have your life together and organized (even if it only lasts a few days!! lol)?!

Let me know what other things you would want to add to your summer to-do list!




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  1. Love this to-do list! Hopefully I can check off some of these this summer haha!