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Pink Ruffles

We're now officially a day away from the official start to summer. 

Which honestly feels likes craziness because it's felt like full blown summer here for the past month. And lucky for us it will last until Septemeber. 

Off the shoulder tops are all the rage recently and I'm all about them in this North Carolina heat. However I get nervous about spending money on trendy pieces like an off the shoulder top when it might go out of style in 2 seasons. So when picking out fun, trendy clothes I like to stick to keep the price point to a minimum. This adorable statement top is under $20 (yes you read that right)! I mean come on does it get better than that?! 

I shared on my instagram story a few days ago that I found my Bamboo bag at TJMAXX!!!! I feel like this bag is all the talk right now but I never felt like I could pull the trigger on a bag over $100 that I realistically didn't need. I saw it out of the corner of my eye right when I walked in and couldn't believe it. Nor the fact that it was $34! So I had to get it right?! So check your local TJMaxx and maybe you could get lucky!

Please ignore the hair frizz in my photos...like I mentioned, Carolina heat is powerful.

Top // Shorts // Sandals // Purse (similar) // Sunglasses // Watch // Bracelet





  1. So darling, Shannon! I too like to save on trendy items that everyone is wearing for the moment. These are such cute trends, though, and they look so cute together!
    Classic Catherine

  2. I was so jealous when I saw that bamboo bag on your insta story and have been looking for it ever since! Do you know what the brand name was on the tag?

    Looks great and just like the real thing!