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Tennis Skirts

My parents used to joke that the only reason I played tennis and lacrosse in high school was because it's the two sports that a skirt is part of the uniform. I've always been pretty girly so it makes sense that I continue the theme even when I'm going to be sweaty!

I don't play lacrosse formally any more and I only play tennis on the occasion with my family or Emory but I pulled my skirts back out a few months ago and brought them back to school to wear as an alternative to norts. I don't know what took me so long because they are literally SO COMFY. I wear them typically with just a t-shirt and they are just as moveable and casual as my nike shorts (and honestly so much cuter). I have a few super cute skirts from my high school tennis days but I splurged and bought this one from Lilly and I'm starting to worry that people are going to think I never take it off. 

Even though I'm not playing tennis on a regular basis I want to expand my collection. I wore them to class at least once a week and they were a game changer. I'm kicking myself for not bringing them back to school earlier!

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  1. The best part about tennis are the skirts! I could not agree more :) I just recently bought a new one to update my collection. Nothing is better than a bright colorful skirt to distract your opponent.

    1. EXACTLY! I wish I could wear one everyday honestly! Tennis fashion is so much fun and makes me want to play! lol xoxo

  2. what kind of t-shirt do you wear these with? Would a comfort color go with it?

    1. Hi Allie! Yes I totally wear comfort color t-shirts with them all the time! Either a t-shirt, a tank top or even a plain white v-neck! Hope that helps, I'll try to post a picture of me in one! xoxo