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I'm currently down at the beach visiting Emory for a few days! It was a funny coincidence when Emory and I realized freshman year that we both had beach houses on Emerald Isle on the same street only a few miles apart! We have since sold our beach house but it's always funny to go back to a place where I spent so much time and spent a lot of my childhood! It's also only 30 minutes from Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune which is where I was born and lived for many years when I was younger.

Emory is going to ride back to Raleigh with me too so we'll get to spend some time down at the beach and back at my house!

Throwback to this post from a few weeks ago. This adorable bag is under $20!

The history behind matching bridal parties outfits.

Preppy summer pants guide!

The first luxury smart watch...so cool

Cheerleaders turned wedding party.

I couldn't believe it when I heard this news. This used to be one of my favorite shows!!

Brett Eldredge's new song.

The best thing to order for a friend's birthday when you're in a bind.

This is my kind of fidget spinner.

So much Tuckernuck that I have my eye on right now.

What's on your radar this week? Tell me what I missed!




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