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Happy Friday! Arguably the best day of the week!

In the summer, every day feels like Friday to me. The temperature has been consistently climbing up and some days getting into the 100s. It's hard not to want to wear athletic clothes every day and some days I have to force myself to wear shorts with buttons. Ha!

This week I have been back and forth to the beach with Emory. I wrote about it last week but it's always fun for me to go back because growing up my family also had a house there and I lived a large portion of my childhood on Camp Lejeune which is only about 30 minutes from Emerald Isle. It's weird to think about that we could have been there at the same time growing up and we didn't even know it!

I got to show Emory around on base and point out my high school and old house! This week I'm stuck playing catch up and going to finally get around to lot of errands that need to be done as we get closer and closer to my move in. I do have a fun trip to Palm Beach scheduled at the end of next week though that can not come fast enough!

Emory and I at Cape Lookout!

1. Okay just heard this song and I am obsessed. 

2. The Nordstrom Sale is now open to everyone and I'm going to post more of my favorites later but here are some things I have my eye on. 

3. H&M has been killing it lately! Have my eye on this dress, this dress, andddd this dress

4. I've heard great things about this nail polish.

5. Sisterhood of the traveling news reporter dress (I found the dress in pink, yellow, and black!)

7. Kate ROCKING the off the shoulder trend...and did you notice her scalloped heels and new haircut?! Swoon

8. Becuase this is important stuff to know




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