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To be honest, I don't really have anything super exciting to update you on. My week wasn't super interesting and honestly it contained a lot of mundane errands, workout classes, searching for couches online, runs to Home Goods, and trying to get ahead with some blog posts since I'm going to be gone for a little (read where I'm going here).

Buttttt the good news is even though I don't really have anything super exciting to report on, there are a few exciting things on my radar!

My brother and I went and got snowcones this week (I got cotton candy of course) and I'm wearing this adorable off the shoulder top!

1. This is supposed to be a great new show about a woman's magazine and I'm dying to start it.

2. This video made my mom and I giggle.

3. Watched a few of these videos of this couple doing a road trip across the US visiting all 50 states and now want to watch all of them!

4. Really affordable and a great dress for all occasions.

5. This also made my mom and I LOL.

6. I love watching ballet documentaries and TV shows so of course I watched this this week.

7. How to get a FREE Mac lipstick!!! Like for real...

8. Ordered these shoes for fall today. I think they'll be perfect with jeans in the fall!

9. I am praying I have a chick fil a within walking distance to my new apt because this is awesome.

10. I watched this new documentary this week and if you love the royal family I highly suggest it.



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