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Lost in a Field of Sunflowers

Although I moved several times in and out of the state (and even out of the country!) I've always called North Carolina home. I remember moving from Jacksonville, North Carolina (a small military town on the coast) when I was 10 across the globe to Germany. On the first day of my new school a fellow 5th grader asked me where I moved from so I proudly said North Carolina and he replied: "Oh I can tell you have such a southern accent." 

The truth is I really don't have a southern accent but at 10, I was excited at the idea of it. That is my first memory of being super proud to say I was from North Carolina.

If you count up the total number of years my family has been stationed in the state it makes up the majority of my life. I was born on the coast and now live further inland in Raleigh but there's no doubt that I have come to love all parts of the state. 

North Carolina continues to surprise me with its true natural beauty around every corner. After moving away from the east coast of the state where we had a beach just 10 minutes down the road I thought Raleigh would lack the natural beauty I had back in Camp Lejune. Instead, we've explored and found so many beautiful locations in this area of the state. 

We heard about this sunflower field in Raleigh just a few weeks ago. We weren't sure how to get there and heard a rumor you had to park a mile and a half down the road from the flowers and walk on a trail to get to them (which would have been miserable in the 90 degree heat). We finally tracked down an address and on Friday we ventured out to find this treasure for ourselves. 

When we spotted a field of yellow in distance we knew we had arrived! There were rows and rows and rows of the blooms and sensory overload. It was breathtaking (and we couldn't believe just 20 minutes from my house!!). 


Now to talk about the dress. I wore this little white ruffled number and I love it even more in person. I am not the tannest person in the world (as you can see, especially since the sun was shining RIGHT on me in these pictures) but I still love white in the summer. I always gravitate towards white tops, I'm obsessed with my white jeans, and in my opinion, you can never have too many white dresses.  

The bow sleeves are an added bonus and adds such a sweet feminine touch. On each tier of the dress there is a small scalloped trim detail that made my love for the dress grow even more. It's casual enough to wear with sandals (like I did) but also versatile enough to go with wedges. 

*Note that I did size up in the dress. I originally ordered an extra small but it felt tight in the chest area so I sized up and went with the small instead*

I'm telling you, although everyone is to the point of summer where they're sick of the heat, I'm never ready to let to warm weather go. Especially since it means packing up so many of my favorite sun dresses like this one. 





  1. I LOVE this dress - you look awesome!!


  2. I love sunflowers! You look gorgeous :)
    Lauren | http://misslaurenalston.com

  3. This dress is so cute on you and I agree that there's no place better than North Carolina!


  4. My cousin, who lives in North Carolina, just posted a picture of a sunflower field! I had no idea that was a thing there. It makes for such a gorgeous backdrop!

  5. Such a pretty dress, Shannon! I just visited North Carolina for the first time, and now I understand why everyone raves about it. It truly is a charming place--sunflowers and all!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day