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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Craziness

Lord have mercy. You would think this was the last time you could ever order from Nordstom or something! These people are treating this sale as the event of the year. While I love a good sale as much as the next fashion blogger people are acting like this stuff is free (news flash..it's not free)!

If you're unaware of this colossal event that I'm referring to, let me explain. Nordstrom is currently hosting their Anniversary Sale. Today it opens to the public (it was previously just open to cardholders) and it's a chance to buy new fall and winter items before the season at a discounted price.

While I won't disagree that Nordstrom is a magical place it can be overwhelming with every blogger you follow posting videos, insta stories, youtube videos, and blog posts about what to buy. My rule of thumb that I try to follow during sales like this is if you would buy it at full price, something you use regularly, or a classic, go for it. I try to avoid impulse buys just because it's on sale or someone is blogging about it.

To change it up a bit I thought I would highlight some of the pieces that I got a giggle over that were included in the sale and then some of my favorites.

For a giggle:

1. Just in case you have been searching everywhere for a canvas of a water cooler...
2. Okay, who knew there was even such thing as an eye massager...not me
3. In case the water cooler wasn't what you wanted, maybe this one will fit in your room?
4. I know you've been wanting $1000 dollar face cream...A THOUSAND DOLLARS
5. Star Wars looking jacket
6. Fancy solo cups (who knew those words could ever go together?!)
7. Backpack turned cooler!
8. This jacket looks like it's been chewed by a dog

My favorites:

Beauty Products:


I honestly think the home products may be my favorite part of the sale. If I wasn't already using my bedding and shower curtain from years prior I would totally get buy this and this!! So many cute things!

What did you snatch up from the sale??





  1. I'm dying over the "giggles" section... companies can have some weird stuff sometimes!

    xo, brooke

  2. Omg, I am laughing aloud. Those ridiculous items posted! WHO buys those things?! LOL!! Thanks for sharing my sentiments about all this! haha! It really is funny how people go so cray for it. I did one order, but then I had to cut myself off. I'm a teacher, after all; even though I shop like an investment banker. haha!