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Workout Clothes

I think I like workout clothes more than the actual act of working out. I envy the people that look forward to the gym every day. Just like most, I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a hard workout but not the workout part that requires that feeling. It's fair to conclude the main reasons I work out is to:

1. justify the big bowl of ice cream I reward myself with and
2. wear the cute workout clothes

I've played sports my whole life and have been relatively fit for a majority of my life but no matter what anyone says running on a treadmill never gets any easier. I get so bored and therefore with every step all I think about is the sweat dripping from my tomato red face and how much farther I have to go before I can stop. I've tried listening to music, podcasts, watching tv episodes, and youtube videos but the bottom line is that I will never reallyyyyy enjoy running. And that is why I am eternally grateful for my relatively fast metabolism. I'm just waiting for the day all the dairy queen blizzards and double stuffed golden oreos all catch up to me. 

Oh how I wish I would have gotten my great grandfather's Olympic running genes. If only...

However this summer I have been trying out some of the classes my gym offers! While I wish I would have gotten into more of a routine earlier in the summer I have really been enjoying them! I like having an instructor tell me exactly what I need to do and the blasting music in the background helps keep my energy up.  

Although most likely the frequency of my gym visits will decrease when I start school in September, I'm going to try to keep up some of it! We'll see how it goes though...I'm known to frequently place school work above everything else which makes working out frequently more difficult. A habit I need to work on for sure.

The one thing that does make working out slightly more worth it is all the adorable athleisure lines that so many stores now offer. I've tried a fair amount of brands but the J.Crew x New Balance collaboration is my all time favorite. They just released a few new items like this scalloped and striped sports bra and these blue striped pants that I am in love with. Maybe instead of ice cream I'll start rewarding myself with new workout clothes! Lol! 

Pants (in navy) | Shoes (similar) | Tank Top | Sports Bra





  1. This outfit looks so cute on you, Shannon! I have these pants in navy and love them!


  2. Those leggings are so cute! I loooove the pink!