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Apartment Update!


I move into my apartment in Savannah NEXT WEEK. I'm so excited to take you on this ride with me as I move into my very first apartment and begin graduate school. I'm nervous to take on a new city all by myself but equally excited to see whats in store for me the next year. 

While I'm so excited to move in, I'm not excited to do the actual moving part. Currently we have a very large pile of my stuff in the garage just waiting to be packed up. I'm not exactly the lightest of packers....

Since this is my first apartment I really just had the stuff I had in my bedroom last year. The desk, dresser, and bed were from the school so most of my stuff was purely decorative. A lot of the furniture for my new apartment such as my coffee table, side tables, and chair for my living room were found at flea markets or were old furniture that neighbors were giving away. I spent a lot of time this summer giving some of those pieces a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint! Plus it was a great way to save some money on furniture that I would have had to buy anyways. 

Some of the rest of the furniture that wasn't passed down and that knew I needed to buy I made sure I did my research before I clicked the order button. I spent a lot of time searching online to find things I liked yet that didn't break the bank. Target was a frequent winner as well as Wayfair!

I splurged on a few pieces like this desk chair and the pillows for my couch because I loved them both and knew I would have both for a long time. I'm so excited to get everything in and see how it all looks together. I'm far from an interior decorator but I hoping it will at least feel homey and feel like me!

We're driving down there Thursday of next week and after that it's a whirlwind of moving, orientation, and classes starting! Don't worry pictures will come but be sure to following along on Instagram to get a first look.

Until then, here are some of the pieces that will be making the trip from Raleigh to Savannah with me!




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