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Classic Lilly Pieces

As long as you haven't been living under a rock and haven't checked social media in days then I'm sure you know that this morning starts Lilly Pulitzer's annual After Party Sale. While waiting in the virtual line can take forever and getting up early isn't ideal, this is the perfect way to steal some classic Lilly pieces on major markdown. 

I am a huge Lilly Lover. It's funny to look back at some of my old shift dresses from the beginning of high school to see how the brand and my style has changed over the years. I love the bright, bold colors and how happy it makes me just wearing it! It's such a cheerful clothing brand!

However, while the bright pinks and oranges are always fun I have also been trying to add more of their classic styles to my wardrobe so it's slightly more versatile and possibly even something I can wear into the office one day.   

To celebrate the big Lilly day I snapped some pictures in two of my favorite pieces. I'm writing this the night before so I'm not sure if the skirt or tank will be included in the sale BUT be sure to check back later tonight because I will be rounding up some of my favorite finds from the sale and showing them to you all (update: the skirt is included in the sale!!!)!

I would be lying to you if I said I haven't worn this outfit to multiple dinners already. "SHANNON HESSEN YOU ARE AN OUTFIT REPEATER" (Lizzie McGuire anyone?!).

I love love love this skirt. The slit in the front makes it look and feel a little different than the typical Lilly skorts and kinda adds some sass to it. Plus the gold zipper detailing on the back doesn't hurt either. However, we can't downplay this amazing silk tank. It's so easy to throw on with just about anything and it's just formal enough. It goes perfectly under a jacket or nicely tucked into a skirt! I'll take one in every color please!

Don't forget to shop the sale today and stop back later to see my picks!



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