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Don't Make Summer End...

It may be the last day of day of August, but summers in the South run way past Labor Day weekend. When most are pulling out their scarves and sweaters I'll still be pulling on my shorts and sunscreen. Which, in fact, happens to be a good thing for a person like me who never wants summer to end. 

I will say however, the only reason I'm slightly looking forward to cooler days is having my curls last longer than 15 minutes outside.

Besides the hair situation, I'm all in to sign a petition to make summer stay forever. Everyone seems so much happier, friendlier, and overall nicer in the summer. I hate feeling cooped up inside all winter long and running from building to building to get in the heat. Oh and don't even remind me about carrying jackets around.

While the fashion world may have already jumped head first into Fall, it is still 90 degrees here so I refuse to put my white pants and shorts away just yet. These shorts are just so stickin' adorable and were too good to pass up. Although they're shorts, I think the chambray fabric makes them easy to transition into fall and could be paired with a cute sweater. This adorable top (that keeps selling out and coming back) is super affordable and can really be paired with so many things.  

Oh my I almost forgot to talk about my shoes. I bought them on a whim and I think you're going to get sick of seeing them because I'm going to wear them so much this Fall. I'm absolutely obsessed. That is all. 






  1. Those shorts are adorable, I love the little ruffle!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  2. You should come with me! I get two summers this year! :)