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Everything Ginger Jar

It's no secret that I have a blue and white obsession. My go to outfit is always a navy and white striped shirt and I live by the motto "navy or nothing". It probably obvious through most of my outfits and definitely in my apartment decor

Going right along with my love for blue and white is my affinity with all things ginger jars. I feel like just about everyone is obsessed with the jars and they're totally trending right now. Which is a little funny, because in reality, they're just jars and have been around for forever. But I've hopped on the bandwagon and love them just as much as the next preppy girl. Home Goods and Target is filled with blue and white jars right now which is perfect timing considering I'm hunting for affordable decor for my new apartment.

I promise you one thing, there will be no shortage of blue and white in my new apartment. 
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  1. I love a good Ginger Jar! My mom and sister know my obsession, so they scoured antique stores and found a set of three antique jars in different sizes for my birthday-best presents ever!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style