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FriYAY & Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!

My dad is unfortunately out of town for work but there's no doubt we'll celebrating with eating cake and ice cream in his honor. I know everyone says their dad is the coolest, but mine actually is. I mean who else can say their dad was a helicopter/jet pilot in the Marine Corps?! Pretty cool right.

I don't use my twitter much today (but maybe I should start using it again!) but, years ago in high school when I just starting to use the social media platform I told my parents one night that I had 99 followers and just wish I had one more to make it an even 100. The next day I remember sitting in my car before school and scrolling through my twitter and getting the notification that I had a new follower! My dad had made a twitter account so he could be my 100th follower. Told you he's the best.

As for this week, I got back from my trip to Florida and my quick trip to Hilton Head! While we were on Hilton Head we also made a quick trip to Savannah to take a load to my apartment. We are now less than a month away until I move in and I'm getting excited!

What's on my radar...

1. Wedding hashtags are taken seriously today and this Twitter thread made me LOL.

2. Are you in the market for a lighthouse?

3. Really have my eye on this shirt. Can't decide if I like the solid or stripes better...

4. Has anyone else been watching TLC's Rattled?! I am obsessed with Aly and Josh and their story is so inspiring!

5. Has anyone else been curious about the new straightening brush?! Loved this comparison video!

6. Was back stalking Southern Weddings and ended up tearing up over this wedding video.

7. Such an interesting read about Lilly.

8. Remember when Logan bought Rory a Birkin?! I was intrigued by these facts.

What's on your radar this week??




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  1. I'm obsessed with lighthouses... literally just turned to my boyfriend and asked if he would buy me one of those haha