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Goals For The New School Year

No matter how old I think I'll get, I'll always view the back to school season as a new year or a fresh start. Summer is starting to slowly wind down and vacations are (unfortunately) coming to an end. For better or for worse it's time to refocus and get back into a normal schedule.

I'm getting anxious to start, especially since everyone around me is heading back to school to start the new school year. This year is slightly different for me than what I'm used to and while I'm excited to start my new adventure, I'm nervous about the unknowns.

I'm heading off to graduate school in Savannah, where I know no one and don't know my way around the city. It's going to be up to me to figure things out on my own, and while I know I will, I'm nervous about...well everything! I'm going to be living by myself for the first time which will be an adventure in itself.

I've been thinking about the new school year and have jotted down some of the goals I have for myself this year.

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1. Work hard: This is kind of a given but I really want to take advantage of all my classes and learn as much as I can out of each opportunity. I know my graduate classes will be a step up from the undergrad classes I'm used to but I want to give them my all so I can be as prepared as possible for the industry I want to work in.

2. Become more confident in the kitchen: I'm really not going to have a choice when it comes to cooking. The last 4 years I've had a meal plan to fall back on and even though I had a full kitchen in my apartment the last 2 years, I still frequented the dining hall. Whoops! With no more meal plan, I want to experiment more in the kitchen and perfect a few new meals! We'll see how it goes, hopefully I don't set off the smoke alarm too many times.

3. Meet new friends: Like I said, I know absolutely no one. I know I'll meet some people through my classes but I also want to get involved in other ways. I want to find a church I really love and some other outlets outside of school. I'm naturally a pretty friendly and outgoing person but I'm also very content with being alone. So I really want to push myself to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people (even if it would be easier to stay home in my apartment!).

4. Take advantage my new city: I've been making a list on my computer about places I want to visit/ eat in the city. I most likely won't live in Savannah too long so I want to get to know the city and explore as much as possible. There are so many beautiful places to visit in the Savannah area and I want to make sure I don't miss any of them! I've been scouring Pinterest but if anyone has any places (or restaurants) I can't miss, please let me know!!  

5. Use all my resources: My professors have some impressive past experience and I want to take advantage of having these mentors at my finger tips by asking as many questions as possible and picking their brain. You never know who has connections with who!

6. Find a balance between school/personal: Too often I find myself doing school work because I think I have nothing better to do. I feel guilty if I'm sitting on the couch taking a break when there is still school work to be done. I want to work on letting myself take breaks and taking time to do things other than school work.

What are your goals for the school year??




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