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LinkedIn Profile Tips & Tricks

I took a marketing class this past semester where we spent a portion of the class studying personal marketing. We covered everything from personal social media accounts, how you present yourself, and most the career oriented personal media, LinkedIn! 

I'm hoping to enter into the work world after I finish up my masters degree next year so I'm working hard to keep my LinkedIn up to date and as detailed as possible to aid in my search. I'm so nervous after seeing some of my friends go through the search process but I know having a strong LinkedIn profile can only help my efforts.  

LinkedIn is so crucial now for a successful career. I've heard so many success stories that have come out of LinkedIn. I'm no expert in the site, and definitely have a lot more to learn, but I learned a ton of tips and tricks in my class that I thought I would share!  

1. Use Specific Examples: When explaining a specific role or experience use specific examples. Instead of saying "helped with various office duties" say "I used relevant databases to conduct research for current and future clients". Be specific about what you did and how you made a difference. If you did something really impressive use specific numbers! "I grew our Instagram following by 90% by posting consistent, creative, content and reaching out to our intended audience".

2. Show Instead of Tell: While telling and explaining your accomplishments is totally needed, it also helps to have visual examples. Having visuals on your profile is crucial. Explain the project you did and then create a link where viewers can immediately click on the link and see the your project. You can also insert relevant pictures of you in your internship, videos and graphics you've made, or recommendations you've collected. This is probably the most important thing in order to make your profile interactive.

3. Write a Great Summary: There are so many articles online about how to write the perfect LinkedIn summary. Some people say you should make it short, others say use all the words you can (there's a limit). However, no matter how concise you decide to make yours a few things to keep in mind while writing it is to think about your audience, why you should be valued as an employer, and some of your most relevant and most impressive accomplishments. You want viewers to be drawn into your profile so if you can make it catchy and story like even better!

4. Write a Great Headline: This small one line headline will go right under your name and will most likely be the first thing someone will see when they click on your profile. Come up with something eye-catching that will grab the attention of your viewers. You can come up with something that explains your industry or the job you want.

5. Know That This is The Face of Your Public Brand: Don't post anything that you wouldn't want your future boss or colleagues to see. Period.

6. Make Your Profile Picture Professional: Remember this is your LinkedIn profile, not your Instagram or Facebook. Future Employers will see this picture so you want your picture to be something that looks professional rather you with your best friends on Bid Day or partying at a local bar. You can still make your profile picture fun while still being professional! Grab a friend and go out and help each other take new LinkedIn headshot photos.

7. Get People to Write You Recommendations: After you finish up an internship or job first ensure you're connected to your boss and colleagues on LinkedIn and then if you feel comfortable in your relationship invite them to write you a recommendation on LinkedIn. This way future employers will be able to see recommendations without even asking for one!

8. Keep the Format Easy to Read: Under each experience make sure you keep the same format throughout your profile. Bullet Points are easy to read so I used bullet points under each experience to explain my duties and accomplishments. However, if you choose to write in bullets or paragraph form make sure you are consistent and use it for everything.

9. Prioritize Skills and Endorsements: You are able to move your skills and endorsements up and down. So move the skills and endorsements that are most relevant to your industry or the ones that have gotten the most endorsements to the very top.

10. Ensure Your Background Photo Explains Yourself: This is your chance to let your personality shine through a bit. Pick a background picture that is appropriate yet explains you a bit. Love nature? Upload a picture you took while hiking! Love color? Make sure your background is full of color!!

Comment if you have any other questions or any suggestions that I may have forgotten!!




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  1. Love these tips! I love using LinkedIn and think it is so crucial in the professional world now. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely put these tips to use when updating my profile!

    Renee | Gimme Glamour