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My Trip To Florida

I made my way back from a week in Florida on Friday and then quickly unpacked and repacked to drive down to Hilton Head on Saturday! I had an absolute blast in Florida and wasn't ready to leave quite yet.

During my senior year Emory's apartment was right next to mine. Only steps away!! My apartment and Emory's apartment were always together hanging out, frequently in our living room, and we ended most days all together chatting into the wee hours of the night. Oh how I wish we could go back!

So going from only being a few steps away and seeing each other multiple times a day to being hundreds of miles away in the summer is never fun. Long distance is nothing new to Emory and I as I studied abroad for a semester during my junior year and spent a summer doing an internship in Paris, but just because you're used to something doesn't make it easy.

All of which explains why I was so excited to fly down to spend a week with Emory and celebrate his birthday! This trip will likely be the last time we see each other for a while as he starts law school in late August and I start grad school in mid September. Luckily we'll only be 2 and 1/2 hours away so while it's not next door like last year, I can't complain too much! I see lots of weekend visits in my future!

We squeezed a lot into one trip and I thought I would share some photos from our week long adventure.

My flight down turned into a bit of a mess. My flight was cancelled after a 4:45 wake up and I was rebooked on a flight that wouldn't get into midnight that night. We were going to a Lady A concert that night so getting in at midnight wasn't a great option. Luckily we were able to find a new flight that got into an airport a little farther from Emory's house and it all worked out!

By the way, I used this suitcase that I got during the Amazon Prime Day sale and I loved it!!

The day I flew in we immediately changed into our bathing suits and headed over to The Breakers Hotel for lunch and a pool day! One of Emory and I's closest friends from school was staying at The Breakers Hotel so of course we had to go visit and get the inside scoop! The Breakers is one of the biggest/ coolest hotels on Palm Beach and it was a dream to see a room and lounge at the pool!

The next day was Emory's 22nd birthday!! It rained off and on all day but we squeezed in a fun trip to Lion Country Safari to do the drive through safari and then feed the giraffes! We had a nice dinner later to celebrate and had cake to end the day.

Emory's sister lives in Miami and I've never been before so we took a trip down so they could show me around! We were able to fit in some beach time in the morning and I got to see all the colorful umbrellas on South Beach but unfortunately soon after a tropical storm came through while we were at lunch and didn't stop all afternoon. It was down pouring. The streets couldn't keep up with the water and we got back to Emory's car to find the street completely flooded and the water up to the bottom of our car!!

The rain finally calmed down in the evening enough to make a quick trip to the Wynwood Walls before dinner.

After our very wet adventure in Miami we spent the next day in the Keys! We drove down to Key West and spent the day biking around town seeing all the sites. I loved all the pretty pastel houses and I couldn't stop taking pictures of a different building around every corner. It was SO hot and we were dripping by the end of the day. It was pretty gross. By the afternoon after spending all day in the heat we were looking forward to the air conditioned car ride home.

My last day in West Palm was pretty relaxed day. Emory took me to some of the amazing antique and furniture stores around town and I was ready to buy it all for my new apartment. I was trying to figure out how to take all of it home with me on the airplane!! We went out to dinner that night and had a nice long walk on the beach where we saw a baby turtle make it's way from his next to the ocean.


Before I knew it it was time to hop on a flight home and we were saying bye once again. The worst part of all trips. The week flew by and I wish I could relive it. It was my last big trip of the summer and now I'm anxious to get into my apartment and get into a schedule. I don't start until mid September but with everyone else going back to school in the next few weeks I feel ready as well!




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