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2 Ways To Style Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots have always been a staple in my wardrobe. Like if I had to pick 5 pairs of shoes to wear for the rest of my life, I would probably pick them as number 4. That's how much I love them. 

They're so perfect for rainy days, snow days, or any outdoor adventure. I have a pink pair as well as this navy pair and I'm going to be honest, as much as I love pink, I wear my navy pair 10 times more than the pink. My navy blue pair are the packable version so they're SO much lighter than the traditional pair and fold down super easily which makes them great for packing. The traditional version is just so heavy that I can't go back after wearing my packable pair. 

Sometimes I secretly look forward to rainy days just so I have an excuse to wear them. Plus you don't have to worry about stepping in a big puddle and walking around all day with wet socks (the worst feeling, am I right?!)

Well today I styled my favorite boots two different ways. As the winter season quickly approaches, if you live in a place that is often covered in snow, I couldn't suggest Hunters more. 


Look One:

I love pairing my hunters with skirts or dresses. It's probably my favorite way to wear them. And in the winter you can simply add tights for more warmth. It makes me feel like a little gardener if I'm being honest. I have so many blue skirts and dresses so they match so perfectly with many of things I already have.

Look Two

For a simpler look, I threw on a pair of jeans. Slightly more casual, it was still perfect for a day wandering outside and exploring this gorgeous farm right outside of Raleigh!






  1. I typically wear my Hunter boots with jeans, but love the way it looks with skirts too! You definitely gave me some inspo with your first look.

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. I love both looks. Hunters are just a classic closet staple. Jess at Just Jess

  3. You are just the cutest- ever!! Love both of these looks on you!

  4. I love both looks!! We all need more excuses to wear our Hunters.

  5. Hunter boots are always so cute! You did a great job styling them!

    Cat // https://cottonandhydrangeas.wordpress.com

  6. Oh Shannon it's so good that you like wearing Rubber Wellingtons I love mine and have been wearing them a lot lately, I always get a feeling of assurance when I've got my Wellingtons on especially when going to work on a wet day and my Tights never get splashed.