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A Look Back At My Dorm Rooms

Today I finally move into my new apartment. It seems like the moving process has lasted forever since we were all packed up and ready to go this time last week when Irma decided to change our plans. 

I'm hoping I packed everything I need and if not, that's what Amazon Prime and Target runs are for, right?! 

I'm using a fair amount of things I already had (like my bedding) but there were also things like a couch that I had to purchase because I didn't have one before. So after a summer of all of it sitting in our bonus room and attic, I'm so excited to finally see all the furniture together and in the space. 

I'm definitely not interior designer but I like to think I've watched enough HGTV shows (mostly Chip and Jo) to kinda know what I'm doing. It's funny to look back on my rooms from the last 4 years and see how much style changed. I thought in honor of moving into my graduate apartment today I thought it would be fun to take a little walk down memory lane!

P.S. If you have any questions where anything is from feel free to comment on this post and I will reply, visit the original post to see if I previously linked it, or email me directly (prepavenue@gmail.com)!

Sophomore Year

Junior/ Senior Year




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  1. Chip and Jo are my favorites, I cannot wait for their line in Target! Your sophomore year dorm room is definitely my fave, but I love them all!
    xx, Lauren | misslaurenalston.com