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Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

My very best friend got her undergrad degree in screenwriting so I rely on her to keep me updated with all things film related. I have the worst move memory ever, so it's not uncommon for me to hear people talking about what sounds like a familiar movie and then me text her to ask her if I've seen it.  And if I have, could she can please remind me what it's about. She's seen just about every movie and every TV show under the sun so she's a good resource to have. 

I'm not a huge binge watcher but when I do find a good new show, it's hard to resist. 

Notable Mentions:

Gilmore Girls // This will always and forever be my favorite series. I can go back and watch any episode from any season and love it just as much as the first time I watched it. If you've never seen it, you need to go ahead and start asap. It's about a young single mom and daughter growing up and living in a small town in Connecticut. Their banter back and forth and witty comments are too good to miss.

Sex & The City // Sex & The City will always be a classic. It's a fun girly show about 4 best friends living in NYC and figuring out life together. The episodes are always so much fun and definitely entertaining. My favorite part may have been the outfits.

How I Met Your Mother // I started watching How I Met Your Mother during my summer in Paris. I tried to take advantage of all my free time after work but some days I was so tired from working all day I would come back to my small dorm room and watch an episode (or two or three) during dinner and before bed. The show follows a group of friends in NYC and the story is told from the future as one of the main characters tells his children about how he met their mother. It's so comical and just a cute show overall.

The Bold Type // I just started watching this recently and they haven't even finished the first season yet but I'm already hooked. It reminds me so much of my internship at Conde Nast in Paris and makes me want to go back to working in the magazine industry even more. Three best friends are the main characters and they work at a large magazine in NYC.

This Is Us // OKAY. If you haven't watched this yet...drop your plans. Cutest, sweetest, most emotional show ever. It follows three siblings, triplets (well kinda) and their families. The show is truly just stunning and the second season is airing soon!!

What's your favorite show to watch?




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  1. Gilmore Girls is such a forever favorite for me! I also really love the suspense of Pretty Little Liars & One Tree Hill is a classic favorite too :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style