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This week has been kinda of crazy. Rewind back to the beginning of the week and I was packing up like crazy. We moved all my stuff down into the garage to get ready to load it up into the car. We were supposed to be leaving Thursday morning but that all changed Tuesday afternoon when my school delayed the start of school for a full week due to the hurricane. 

Plans had to change and my move to Savannah was put off a week. 

I'm praying for Flordia and Georgia as the hurricane makes landfall later this weekend. I'm hoping that Savannah won't take a direct hit and my move next week will still go as planned. Fingers crossed! 

These shorts and shirt are both 30% off!

1. I think I need this sweater for Fall. 
2. The bow on the back of this wedding dress is to die for. 
3. Taylor Swift's bestie Abigail got married and Taylor was in the wedding!!
4. The most recent J. Crew news.
5. OMG please tell me you saw the adorable pictures of Prince William taking little George to school!
6. I almost started crying at how beautiful this audition was. The next Adele?
7. Thomas Rhett came out with his new album today and I love so many of his new songs. Especially this one and this one. And this one is the cutest thing ever. 
8. Loving this podcast. They interview so many cool people, Kate & Andy Spade, Warby Parker, etc!

Happy Friday everyone!!




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  1. Shannon, How I Built This is one of my favorite podcasts! Love the round up :)
    xx, Lauren Alston | http://misslaurenalston.com