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It's officially my last weekend of summer...and I'm spending it unpacking! Super fun right?!

I start school on Monday and I know that once I start it will just get busier so I'm trying to get as organized as I can before classes start. While I'm excited to start this new journey, I know it will just be non stop from here on out.

Now it's back to unpacking and organizing for me!

1. You can help the Hurricane Irma relief by buying Lilly!!
2. We watched the full story of this USC football player this week and I sobbed.
3. Soooo what does everyone think of the new Iphone?!
4. Did you hear the big news about Chip and Jo? So excited!!
5. Okay I think this is brilliant.
6. Super pretty monogrammed purse for fall.
7. Curious about this reverse wand.
8. This purse is such a deal.

Happy happy Friday!!




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