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Happy Friday friends!

I had a busy week and turned in my first paper and presentation on Wednesday! It was a bit nerve racking but I think it turned out really well and I'm happy with how my presentation went too. It was a sigh of relief when it was done. So thanks to all of you who gave your input on my outfit on Instagram

With lots more projects and papers due in the near future I'm trying to use every moment to get ahead BEACUASEEE this weekend Emory is coming to visit!!!!!! I'm excited to spend some time exploring Savannah together. Thankfully the weather is supposed to be slightly cooler too. Praise the lord. Will Fall ever come?! I'm skeptacal. 

It feels good to be getting into a schedule a bit and I finally feel like I'm strating to figure out my classes. I love the topics we're learning about which makes our 2 1/2 hour classes not too bad. 

I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend! 

The Paris Market in downtown Savannah!

1. These shoes from Target are SO GOOD (and under $25)!
2. Very tempted to buy this pair of leggings for fall.
3. This purse is perfect for Fall.
4. So much good stuff on sale at Club Monaco like this dress, this skirt, this adorable top, and this dress!
5. Plus, don't forget about the Shopbop sale going on right now!
6. This knockoff of the wildly popular bamboo bag is only $29!!!

Fun Finds:
1. This wedding picture made my heart melt.
2. A look inside Thomas Rhett's girls' rooms
3. I'm slightly obsessed with family on Twitter...see some of their wedding photos here and here and a part of their wedding video here! Dying over cuteness.
4. So sad it's Chip and Jo's last season but I can't wait to see what they do in the future!
5. Anyone else love Society Social? They announced a few months ago they have a new show coming out on HGTV but they annoucned on Instagram this week that the pilot could be aired this October!

Fashion News:
1. Thought this Vogue video was super fun, read the story here
2. Love this project
3. Are kitten heels coming back?!

On Prep Ave This Week:
1. Blush Finds
2. My Travel Bathroom Bag
3. 2 Ways To Style Hunter Boots
4. My September Favorites




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