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Packing Checklist!


As type A as I am and love control, routines, and schedules, I surprisingly love love love traveling (especially in Europe).  I really discovered my love of traveling as early as 5th grade. We received military orders to Germany when I was 10 and luckily my parents decided to use our three years there as an opportunity to travel. 

We used every long weekend or time off of school as a chance to go see a new place. Whether it was a small weekend trip to a walled city in Germany or spring break in Egypt, we were always adventuring. I loved every second. 

I didn't realize how good I had it until I moved back to the states after 7th grade and realized we couldn't take a 4-hour car ride to Paris. My travel bug never went away. As I started to look for college the first question I would always ask on tours was about their study abroad programs. I knew I had to get back to the continent I loved so much and would do anything possible to make it a reality.

I ended up studying abroad for a semester in Italy during the Fall of my junior year! It was a dream a long time in the making and I cherished every second of jumping from country to country every weekend. 


So after all that travel experience, you'd think I'd be good at packing, right?! WRONG.

I'm terrible. I'm the worst over packer ever and get extremely anxious that I am going to forget something. And then when I do forget something, I get so angry at myself and wonder how the heck I could forget it!

I created a checklist on my phone a while ago that I check before I leave on a trip anywhere. It has all the small little things on it that I would commonly forget. I decided to share it with you all that way you can visit it before you head out on a fun adventure. 
Pin this picture for later so you can always easily reference it!




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