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Pink Gingham + My Most Embarrassing Moment!!

You had me at pink gingham.

I'm obsessed with this shirt. I ordered it kinda on a whim and I was honestly surprised how much I liked it! I paired it with my favorite pair of white jeans shorts and added a bow to my hair to keep it out of my face. Oh and I think I may have forgotten to mention the best part about the shirt, it's under $30!!!!

Long story short, I will be wearing this shirt for as long the weather in Savannah allows me. 


Now to the fun part of this post. I wanted to share a funny little story to brighten up everybody's Tuesday. I remember the little embarrassing moment sections of my favorite magazines and how my friends and I would always gather around and read them all together. It was always my favorite part of any magazine and I would turn right to them the second a new magazine came in the mail.

So I thought I would share with you all my answer to the question, "what is your most embarrassing moment?" The truth is I have more embarrassing moments than I can write about but this one is definitely at least in the top three.

Rewind to the summer between junior and senior year. I had lived up in Raleigh for a year now and decided to drive back to where I used to live on the East Coast of North Carolina for the weekend to go visit my best friend Danee.

Danee's family had just received orders and were moving to Hawaii for her senior year. While it was hard enough to be two hours away now we were going to have thousand of miles between us and not to mention a 6 hour time difference that would made talking daily more difficult. We were both devastated about the move so I drove down to spend a weekend with her before she hopped on the airplane.

It was my last day down there with her and we were trying to squeeze in every moment together. We both knew it was going to be a bad day but I had no idea it was going to be a bad day in so many ways!

My bad luck started first thing in the morning when I lost my favorite ring in the middle of a field covered by tall weeds and grass. We wanted to take some fun pictures together before we left and we were posing for a picture when I dropped my favorite ring deep into some thick grass. Not soon after, my legs started itching and I realized I was having a slight allergic reaction to all the grass (I'm allergic to just about everything in nature).

Not a great way to start my day.

That afternoon the inevitable happened and it was time to say goodbye. With tears in our eyes, I hopped in my car to make the 2-hour drive back to Raleigh. Of course within seconds of getting in my car I realized the gas light was on. As a panicked new driver, I called my mom freaking out I wouldn't even make it to the gas station. I was so upset already and was now convinced I was going to run out of gas before I even made it off of the military base.

By no surprise, I made it to the gas station without even cutting it close but was still very flustered by everything that had happened in such a short amount of time. I grabbed the gas pumped and pressed the button farthest to the left (assuming it was regular) and attempted to put the gas pump in my tank. Not thinking, I held there letting that gas pour into my tank even though the nosel didn't fit perfectly in my car. I was already in tears and just figured it was my fault that I couldn't get it in.

I went on my way and got about a half a mile down the road before I could tell something was wrong. My car started shaking violently and I looked in my rear view mirror and all I saw was black smoke!!! I was not even off base yet when I had to pull over and try to figure out what was happening.

It didn't take my mom long to figure out exactly what I did. I HAD PUT DIESEL IN MY CAR. Yepp, despite the pump being labeled and in a different color, I had put diesel gas in my car.

Before I knew it a tow truck was on its way and I was standing on the side of the road mortified of what I had just done. I was standing on the side of one of the biggest intersections just praying that I wouldn't see anyone I knew. Whichhhh of course I did.

To add to the embarrassment a young marine who I knew through Danee's family saw me and pulled over and was nice enough to wait with me until the tow truck came.

The original plan I had was to stop for lunch on the way home. Since that was now impossible with no working car, I was now starving with no way home. The young Marine who had stopped to help me was luckily the nicest person ever and offered to drive me half way home and to drive me through Starbucks on our way.

Here comes my next mistake. I got a strawberry smoothie. I'm not a big coffee drinker so I figured a smoothie would be safe. WRONG.

Well, of course, something in that smoothie did not sit well with me and I spent the first half of the two-hour trip feeling so sick to my stomach yet desperately trying to make small talk.

Luckily my mom was waiting at the half way point and my bad luck ended there, at least for the day.

It was quite the day and I can't believe I was stupid enough to put diesel in my car. It's always my go to story when people ask what my most embarrassing moment is.

So when you're at the gas station and see the bright green diesel pump think of me, and DON'T USE IT.

What's your most embarrassingg moment?




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  1. This outfit is so cute on you, Shannon, and I loved hearing your embarrassing story- sounds like something I would do!