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Travel Bathroom Bag

I think everyone can agree that the worst part of any trip is packing.

Unpacking is pretty easy because I just throw everything in my laundry basket lol. 

Packing, however, gives me total anxiety. I hate the stress and worry of possibly forgetting something and when I do forget something I get so mad and upset with myself! Hence why I always overpack. 


So two or three Chrismas' ago my mom gave me a Kate Spade travel bathroom bag stocked with everything I would need for a trip. It already had deodorant, a tooth brush, tooth paste, etc. All I would need to add for any trip was my makeup! 

Especially in college when I would back home every few months for a weekend at home it was easy to just grab this travel toiletry bag already stocked with everything I need. It took a lot of stress out of packing because I never had to worry if I had travel size products. 

Three years later I still use it for all my trips! I keep it fully stocked in my bathroom closet ready to go. It's big enough that I can fit all of my bathroom products all in one case instead of having multiple small bags of makeup and toiletries. 

It's so much easier to have a fully stocked bag that you can grab immediately and be ready for any trip! I took pictures of the inside of mine so you can see everything I keep in it! 

If you're in college I can't suggest creating a little travel bathroom bag enough. You're constantly going on small weekend trips between home and Fall break so make it easier on yourself and have a bag prepared!

I also posted this helpful checklist for every trip last week!

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  1. What a great sized bag! Highly recommend bringing things like band-aids, advil and benadryl! Those are all things you don't want have to go looking for when you need them.

  2. What a great travel bag! I have one that's kinda similar from Henri Bendel that I love!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  3. That bag has everything! And it's all organized. Everything is my travel bathroom bag is just thrown in. It's so hard to find anything. Thanks for the tips!

    Cat // https://cottonandhydrangeas.wordpress.com