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Welcome to New York...+ My Change of Plans

I'm not very good with change. I like to have a schedule days in advance and stick to it. Going with the flow is not fun for me and I would much prefer living out of my color coded planner rather than the seat of my pants.  

However, while I was working on a paper yesterday that's due the first day of class (yikes!!!) I got a phone call that forced plans to be changed. SCAD has delayed the start of the school year by a full week due to the possible impeding hurricane. With thousands of kids making their way to the city just a day or two before the hurricane is due to possibly hit, the school wanted to take precautions before they forced everyone to evacuate just days after arriving. 

As I'm sure you've heard, the path is so uncertain but I guess it's always better to be safe rather than sorry in terms of safety. While I understand the reasons behind the decision, I was really looking forward to starting on Monday and moving in at the end of this week. 

However, plans change and I need to work on being flexible. I'm praying that this hurricane causes minimal damage to Savannah and I'll get to move in no time! Plus, I have to look on the bright side, I get a extra full week at home!


It's slowly starting to get to that season where you're chilly in the morning yet sweating by mid afternoon. THE WORST KIND OF WEATHER. It makes getting dressed in the morning a difficult task. 

On top of that, I am always cold. The moment I step into air conditioning I get goose bumps. Layers are key to avoid me shivering throughout the entire class. 

Luckily, stores like J. Crew are killing it with the in-between clothes. 

I love this skirt for this season. The bow is such a fun added element and really sold me on the skirt. I loved this New York sweatshirt from the moment I saw it online. I thought pairing it with the skirt was a fun mixture of casual/ cute and perfect for that awkward in-between season. Oh and I've talked about these shoes before, but they are my new favorite fall shoe. 





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  1. Oh my gosh, your skirt is so cute! Good luck on your move to Savannah next week!