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FriYAY! + Past Halloween Costumes

I already mentioned it in yesterday's post but I'm headed back to Furman this weekend for homecoming. There are so many people I haven't seen since graduation and I can't wait to be back on campus! Unfortunitely I have a makeup class from the hurricane until 7:30 tonight so I can't drive up until Saturday morning, but either way I know it will be fun!

This week had a crazy busy start with two midterm projects due on Monday and Tuesday. Luckily after that it kind of calmed down.

On another note...Halloween is quickly appraoching. Emory and I have had dressed up together for the past few years and I'm totally sucked dry of ideas. Our previous costumes were just so good how are we supposed to live up?! I thought I would share some of them, so let me know if you have any ideas for us this year!! We need it.

Whip and Nae Nae 

Naked and Afraid! 

And a real throwback...Taco and Belle!!

What's on my radar...

1. Princess Kate announced her due date!! I'm secretly hoping it will be my birthday.
2. Did you catch the new Southern Weddings cover reveal?!
3. Sooooooo what does everyone think of the new Taylor Swift song?! I like it!
4. These kids were on GMA this week and were amazing. 

1. Really really really loving these boots
2. Kate Spade released their new coffee table book
3. One of my favorite artists Evelyn Henson, now has stickers!!
4. Lilly Pulitizer released their new resort collection!
5. Loving this Fall dress...

Happy Friday!




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