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I feel like as we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving the weeks are just flying by faster and faster. I haven't seen my family since they helped me move into my apartment (which I still need to photograph for a blog post, add that to the to-do list) and I'm so excited to see them for Thanksgiving. But I'm going to miss stepping outside to this beautiful little charming city. 

I went on a quick little bike ride yesterday as a study break. I usually bike to my close classes and it's typically one of my favorite parts of the day. I live pretty close to Forsyth Park (basically the central park of Savannah but think Spanish moss and a big white fountain in the middle) so it's nice to be able to bike to it. It's also so much fun to admire all the gorgeous houses right off of the park. Right now they're all decorated for fall and I got a little snap happy taking pictures, ha! Isn't the one below stunning?!

This weekend Emory and I are going to a little Halloween function and we've put off making a decision about what our costume will be so we'll see what we pull together at the last minute. Last week I shared some of our previous costumes

Happy early Halloween, hope everyone has a great weekend!

On my radar:

1. Have you seen this girl?! She looks freaky similar to Taylor Swift!
2. Prettiest baby shower...ever?!
3. I love following along with little Claire. She was just on Ellen again this week!
4. Who saw the new Taylor Swift video?!
5. October 29th, don't miss it.
6. Did you see the collab Gray Malin did?! Shop the suitcases here.

1. These heels are adorable and totally affordable! I love the pink and navy!
2. I ordered this skirt this week and I'm totally in love with it.
3. Have been living in these booties. I suggest sizing down!
4. Dreams.




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  1. l love looking at any pictures you post of Savannah! My husband and I honeymoon'd there about three years ago and I fell so hard for the city-it's beautiful!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style