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My Favorite Fall Purchases

It's always fun to pull out your clothes for a new season. Every year as it starts to cool down I look forward to pulling out my sweaters and boots and changing up my wardrobe a bit. I even remember my freshman year of Furman my good friend (and eventually one of my roommates) were counting down the days until it was cool enough to wear our riding boots. The first day of fall passed and it was still way too hot to even think about pulling out our boots. Then every day that was even the slightest bit chilly we would text each other in the morning and say "do you think it's cool enough today to wear our boots?!" So lame but we were so excited for it to actually be cool outside. 

The day we decided it was cool enough, we both wore our riding boots and even took a picture to commemorate the moment outside of the dining hall. The story still makes me giggle.

I still look forward to a day where you feel like it's finally chilly enough to pull out some of your favorite fall items. That was this week in Savannah! I was finally able to wear jeans, a sweater, and booties yesterday without sweating and let me tell you, it was magical. I felt like fall had finally made it's way to the south!!

Although I get excited to pull out the things I already own, I also get excited to see all the new stuff stores come out with. And most of the time I can't help myself but buy a few new pieces for the season. Below are a few of my favorite fall purchases this year!





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