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Preppy Party Clothes

I'm going to be honest, I am far from a party animal.

I love having fun and hanging out with friends but I don't always love big party situations with people crammed into a tiny room and blasting music in the background. Once I turned 21 though and I wasn't just limited to sweaty fraternity parties I did enjoy going out slightly more. I'm not the biggest drinker, and honestly rarely drink but on occasion I do enjoy getting dressed up, going downtown with friends, and dancing the night away!

So many fraternity parties are themed that I always just matched the theme. And honestly by senior year if we were to go to a frat party I felt comfortable enough to wear norts and a tshirt (LOLOL)!! I mean everyone is spilling beer and is sweaty anyways...I didn't want to risk a drunk frat boy spilling on one of my favorite shirts!!

However, the game changed a bit when I would go downtown (on the rare occasion!). I felt like I didn't have any "going out" clothes persay and felt like I needed something that looked dressy, a little sassy, but something that I still felt comfortable and confident in. I had a few shirt that I wore repeatedly and frequently they were the longer cropped style that still covered everything but that were a little more sassy than my usual clothes.

Lilly set here!

I'm pretty modest when it comes to my clothing. I don't like showing too much and it's important that I feel comfortable in everything I wear. But just because I don't like wearing super tight crop tops and short shorts doesn't mean that I don't want to look cute and fun when I do go out.

Silk tank tops are always my go to in the summer. They're perfect for a casual bar or fancy enough for a rooftop cocktail. I like to pair them with a pair of shorts or a fun skirt to complete the look, similar to the look below!

See the full outfit post here

I've rounded up a few pieces that I think are fun and sassy enough for a night out on the town but don't give too much away. I feel like everyone talks about what to wear to formals, weddings, the beach, date nights, but no one ever talks about what to wear when you go out on the the town!! No worries, here to help.

What's your go-to going out outfit?



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